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The Start of Journey

ImportYeti started as a combination of some downtime created by the coronavirus and my desire to give back to the eCom community that has given me so much.

Bills of lading are public information that every large eCom or supply chain professional I know uses but they are too cost prohibitive, challenging to obtain and difficult to use for the average joe. ImportYeti's goal is to solve that problem.

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Our Values

Raving Fans: There is no business without users. We are crazy about our users and we want them to be crazy about us. Accordingly, we focus our energy on making them ecstatic about ImportYeti and the value we create.

User Driven Development: ImportYeti was built alongside our users. We constantly seek feedback, try to understand our customer's world and intensely focus on developing what will have the largest positive impact on them.

Growth: We embrace both individual and product growth. We spend significant time honing our skills. We aggressively push changes to ImportYeti. I only want to create things that people really love.

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Our Destination

We try to remain flexible in the way we think about the future, but our current roadmap is based on a few thoughts (all thoughts and feedback on our direction are welcome):

1) Core ImportYeti will always remain free.

2) The supply chain space has a very slow idea diffusion rate. If we are going to succeed, we need to continue spreading ImportYeti and converting people who use it into raving fans. If we have 5,000,000 people a month on the site and 100,000 raving fans, many problems are easier to solve.

3) From talking with 5,000+ users, there is a lot of opportunity to create paid applications on top of core ImportYeti to solve problems in the sales prospecting, economic development, supply chain risk assessment and ESG spaces.

4) There is a lot of opportunity to help our users make better supply chain decisions around complex issues like choosing freight forwarders, payment providers, the right suppliers, etc.

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We want to hear your thoughts...

If you enjoyed ImportYeti or have any ideas for how to improve it, I want to hear from you.

My LinkedIn handle is DaveMApplegate.

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David Applegate

Founder, ImportYeti

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