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Brooklyn, Ny 11231, Us

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Most Recent Shipment: 05/29/2024 (Database Updated: 05/31/2024)
Avg. TEU per Shipment: 1.63
Avg. TEU per Month: 28.31
Total Sea Shipments: 2,202
Est. Total Shipping Spend: $135,242.72 (1% coverage)?Benchmark your shipping spend

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Last Month's Total Shipments: 181.89% (1Y)

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FCL vs LCL Shipments

100 %0 %
  • FCL: 2,202 shipments
  • LCL: 0 shipments

Shipments Breakdown by Bill Type

70.53 %29.47 %
house: 1,553 shipments
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regular: 649 shipments
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Notify Party Stats

61.76 %38.24 %
  • with Notify Party: 1,360 shipments
  • without Notify Party: 842 shipments

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