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What is a H.S. code?

The H.S. Code describes basic product parameters to calculate customs duties & taxes.

A typical H.S. code consists of 6 digits that point to the product category/type.

2-4 digits only for tariffs in the US changing an H.S. code into a H.T.S. code


Glass and glassware


Glassware of a kind used for table, kitchen, or office


Of lead crystal:


Valued over $1 but not over $3 each

H.S., also called an H.T.S. Code, stands for Harmonized Tariff Schedule. In layman's terms, it's the category a product is placed in to determine the tariffs that will be charged for importing that product. Why is this helpful for you? You can better understand which countries an manufacturers are best at importing those products. E.x. If find Billy's Glassware imports products under H.S. Code 7013.91 (The H.S. Code for Table Glasses), by clicking into that H.S. Code's page you can better understand which countries and suppliers to choose.

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