Human Usage Policy

Data lovers, unite! We understand that usage caps can be a bummer. Feel at ease to use our data to your heart's content, even for heavy-duty usage. We'll guide you through what we consider as “human” use versus data misuse.

Samples of “human use”:

  1. Bob is with sales. On a daily average, he clicks the Random button over 500 times to search for prospects. He usually ends up seeing 50 potential companies and downloads each of their entire data for further review. Is this OK? Yes!
  2. Billy owns a lumber company and is looking for a new supplier. He spends an entire week intensively searching for the hundreds of lumber suppliers on the site from all countries. Is this OK? Yes!
  3. John is creating a report on the market conditions of coffee. He downloads all the data on each of the coffee companies and the entire HS Code dataset for coffee for a combined total of 50,000 shipments. Is this OK? Yes!

Samples of “data misuse”*:

  1. Chuck is a data engineer at a startup. He tries to download 50,000,000 bill of ladings to incorporate into his AI-based supply chain risk algorithm. Is this OK? No. Chuck should reach out to sales to better understand our raw data products.
  2. Charles built a script to crawl the data that he will be using for his investing-related website tool that gets 100,000 search queries a day. Is this OK? No. Charles should reach out to sales to better understand our raw data products.

ImportYeti has the right to deactivate accounts when we detect signs of data misuse. See our Refunds and Cancellation guidelines for more info.

We know you love data, and so do we! But while we'd love to let you feast on as much data as you want, we're not a supermarket for bulk data. We put a lot of time and effort into cleaning and managing the data we provide. This policy isn't here to put a damper on your workflow (yes, it's still unlimited use), but to help you understand what we see as ethical versus abuse.

We understand your enthusiasm for data, and we share that passion! We spent a lot of time and effort managing the data we provide, and we'd love to see you use it even on the most demanding workflows. This policy talks about what we see as extreme (but normal) “human” usage versus data misuse.

You can contact us via email at [email protected]. We're available on business days to assist you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to ensuring you have a positive experience with our services.